Awake To Know Africa promises to give children, young people and teachers in early years, primary and secondary schools an unforgettable educational experience of African culture. We work in the classroom, in assemblies and in after school and holiday clubs.

Our highly skilled and talented facilitators provide a range of colourful, fun, engaging and interactive activities designed to help children and young people to develop their knowledge of the world through exploring and experiencing African cultures. We bring African culture alive with energetic passion that will bring inspiration, joy and learning.

Interactive guided lessons – thirty minutes or more, whereby pupils can have fun exploring what it is like to experience African cultures using storytelling, costume wearing, dancing, singing, drumming and games.

Black History Month – is celebrated annually in the UK in October. We run workshops designed to remember important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

Engaging Minds and Empowering Imaginations project – motivating children and young people to write their own stories.

Black Boys Can Read – Black boys remain one of the lowest achieving groups of pupils in the UK. The long-term impact of educational failure is concerning as Black boys are under-represented in further and higher education and over-represented in prison and amongst the unemployed. We use positive role models to provide a programme of activities aimed at helping Black boys to develop their confidence, their reading skills and a determination to succeed.

Achieve Together Club – targets English as an Additional Language children and young people providing opportunities to develop their English language skills. We also run child/parent learning sessions.

Our activities are designed to relate directly to the requirements of the National Curriculum, the Early Years Foundation Stages and are in line with Every Child Matter outcomes. Activities promote the following:

  • Motor and cognitive skills
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Team building and group interactions
  • Social and communication skills
  • Builds confidence and self esteem


Book full or half day sessions, either one-off or over a number of days or weeks.

Early booking is advised due to high demand. We work strictly on a first come, first served, basis.

Contact us to discuss availability and prices