Company Objectives

Our stated company objectives are:

  1. To promote cultural diversity and community development through the African cultural values;
  2. To use African cultural values and to educate children, young people and interested adults about the social, economic and environmental issues affecting them;
  3. To discover, educate and train persons with unexplored potential in the arts to realise and utilize their hidden talents;
  4. To provide training for young people, low income earners, jobseekers and the unemployed and expose them to marketable career prospects in the arts and culture, thus opening up for them opportunities for economic empowerment;
  5. To provide education in African History and Cultural Heritage to promote cross-cultural harmony and understanding by organising workshops and performances on African and Caribbean cultures in schools, libraries, play centres and other venues.
  6. To offer participants the opportunity to perform and exhibit their skills and talents before audiences.
  7. To use the African art forms as an alternative form of entertainment and recreational activity for the local areas.
  8. To use African music and dance routines to help improve health and control obesity among children, young people and adults:
  9. To boost the self-esteem of trainees by offering them opportunities to develop and use the skills acquired for their own benefit and for the good of the community.
  10. To preoccupy target groups, especially children and young people, who may otherwise through peer pressure and or poverty get involved in crime, vandalism and other anti-social activities, with educative and personally and socially beneficial activities;
  11. To provide counselling and advice to children and young people with difficulties and help reconcile them with their families, schools, communities and environment when necessary;
  12. To organise after school programmes aimed at providing encouragement and support for disadvantaged children and young people to help them to achieve in their academic fields;
  13. To support and participate in community activities and programmes so as to develop awareness and interest in community and nation building among the youth;
  14. To network and collaborate with other organisations, community groups and agencies with similar objectives in the provision of services for individuals and the communities.