Corporate Events

We can support corporate events, conferences, training days and team building events. Awake To Know Africa provides unique entertainment and performance, showcasing the richly diversity of African culture.

Drumming & Dancing – Using traditional African drumming and dancing to engage and entertain, we provide our audiences with a fun, invigorating and absolutely unforgettable experience of Africa.

Story-telling – ATKA also offer a special story-telling session that helps people to understand the need to work together as a community, irrespective of ethnicity, to enhance cross-cultural harmony and integration.

Team building – our drumming workshops are exceptional. Designed not just to get the best from your team, we use music to engage and motivate groups, creating a stimulating, vibrant and fun atmosphere and always leaving participants wanting more. Our facilitators aren’t just wonderful drummers but they are experts at incorporating your company message into sessions.

Need some help planning your event? We can most definitely help you.

Contact us to talk about your ideas and we can help you create something to meet your needs and objectives.